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Welcome to Rise of an Empire

We are an Ancient Greece & Persian play-by-post RPG set in 328 BC, a year since Alexander the Great's troops defeated and took control of Persia. ROAE uses true characters from history and allows players to tweak them to fit the plot. Present and future decisions and events are AU and we do not follow a true-to-history timeline of events moving forward.
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Our community is founded on openness and flexibility with our members' ideas and characters, and making this a place that everyone looks forward to coming to and sharing their creativity with. We always welcome newcomers and awesome guests who want to hang out with us, too!

an int/adv. 17+ adult community
loosely inspired by 'Alexander'.

ROAE looks best when viewed in Chrome.

An Ancient Greek & Persian Roleplay
Current Setting

It's fall, the air a bit crisper though the heat still rages on. Alexander and the Greeks have finally settled into Babylon after their victory over a year ago, but it's been just enough time to allow the wine to flow freely and tongues to wag about their frustrations.

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Thank Yous!

Lily Lilac
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Plot, Graphics, and coding edits are property of Ciel of ROTI & ROAE. The site's main plot and supporting content is the brain-child of Ciel and is not to be recreated in any way. Characters, plots, and thread content is credited to the people writing them and may not be redistributed without explicit permission from the creator.

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