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Our community is founded on openness and flexibility with our members' ideas and characters, and making this a place that everyone looks forward to coming to and sharing their creativity with.

We are an Ancient Greek play-by-post RPG set in 323 BC. Historically, Alexander the Great should have died, but the Fates spared him. Discover in this AU political warfare RPG what would have happened had the Conqueror lived on...and how the Gods have had to adjust to the King's continued domination. RoaE uses true characters from history, Gods from Greek mythology, and combines that with the creativity of original ideas and plotlines. Present and future is AU and we do not follow a true-to-history timeline of events moving forward.

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It was a valiant attempt, but it's time to say so-long to RoaE for good this time. Thank you to all who shared in the journey; I hope our paths cross again someday :)
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